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Summer Buena Vista Camp Information for Parents and Campers

The following is important information for campers and parents.  Please read it carefully.

This form must be completed and returned to the Veterans Memorial Skating Rink office before the beginning of the program.  Failure to have a valid form on file will result in your child being removed from the program.

Camp staff cannot administer any medications including an Epi-Pen (certain staff members have received special training to SUPERVISE this, but not administer it).  If your child needs any other medication during camp hours, it will be necessary for him or her to self medicate or for a parent to come to camp and administer the medication.  Group leaders will have a means of storage at their disposal, so you may leave your medication in their possession for your child to take at the correct time.  All medication brought to camp must be in a clean plastic bag, in the original container and labeled with the child's name and the time and dosage on it.  Please remember to indicate medical needs on your Safety and Emergency Contact Information Form.  This disclosure is extremely important in the event of an emergency and the camp is not to be held liable in the event that this disclosure is not made.

As per Cornerstone Aquatics Center policy, anyone using the indoor pools with hair 3 inches or longer (male and female) must wear a swim cap.  Campers may bring their own cap from home or a cap must be purchased if your child will be going into the pool.  If you would like your child to purchase a cap at camp, the cost is approximately $3.

Outdoor athletic activities are a part of our schedule every day.  We are asking all campers to wear sneakers to camp to help us prevent possible injury.  Also, the children will be swimming and ice skating every day, so proper attire is necessary for both of these activities as well (swimming-swim suit, flip flops, towels, swimming cap if hair is longer than 3 inches; skating-sweat shirt, sweat pants and ice skates if you do not wish to borrow them from the rink).

Since your child will be outdoors, you may wish to apply sunscreen before they come to camp.  If you wish to have the sunscreen reapplied at noon, you should show your child how to put it on and send it with them to camp.  At lunchtime, the counselors will remind the children to put on their sunscreen.  Camp staff will not apply sunscreen.

We will be staying inside the skating rink and indoor activities will be planned by the camp director and counselors.

Lunch will be held outside in a shady place or inside the skating rink, at the discretion of the counselors.  Please do not send highly perishable foods or things that melt easily like chocolate bars.  If possible, please send the lunches in an insulated lunch box/bag (which will be stored indoors until lunch time).  Please mark the box/bag clearly with the camper's name.  Campers may also purchase their lunch from the skating rink snack bar.  Campers are also encouraged to bring water bottles to camp.  Please be sure to write their full name on the bottle.  Water coolers are brought outside every morning and replenished throughout the day.

Do not send any valuable items (such as video games, iPods, etc.) with your child to camp.  A small amount of cash may be sent for the purchase of snacks or lunches from the skating rink snack bar/vending area.  We cannot be responsible if your child loses any cash or personal items.  Please be sure that all equipment, clothing, etc. is clearly marked with the camper's name.

If someone other than the usual person is picking up your child or if your child is going home with a friend, you need to notify the staff in writing.  They will not let your child leave with someone unless you have given written permission to do so.

DROP OFF AND PICK UP (***Afternoon Camp)
The program begins at 8:30 am and ends at 4:30 pm.  If you need to drop off early and/or pick up late, you will need to sign up for the Early Bird and/or Extended Day option.  Under this option, supervision (no organized activities) will be provided from 7:30-8:30 am (early bird) and from 4:30-5:30 pm (extended day).  Also, if you need to pick up your child earlier than 4:30 pm, please inform the staff so that they know you are coming.  ***Children enrolled in the Afternoon Camp can be dropped off anytime between 12:00 noon and 12:30 pm in the lobby of the rink.

DROP OFF POLICIES (***Afternoon Camp)
Camp begins each day promptly at 8:30 am.  Our camp staff is here each morning at 8:30 am and will be ready to receive your child in the lobby of the skating rink.  (PLEASE do not just drop off your child outside and assume they will make it in to us).  If you are signed up for the Early Bird Option, drop off is at 7:30 am.  We ask one important thing of you; each day, please take the time to check your child in personally with his or her group leader or designee.  We would like to meet you and it also insures that your child will get to the program safely.  *** Children enrolled in the Afternoon Camp can be dropped off anytime between 12:00 noon and 12:30 pm in the lobby of the rink.  PLEASE make sure you check your child in with the counselors!

Our staff will have the children ready and waiting for your arrival promptly at 4:30 pm each day in the lobby of the skating rink.  Our staff is responsible for your child and will stay as long as they need to in case of an emergency or some unforeseen circumstance in which you are late.  If you know you will be late to pick up your child, please call the skating rink office (860-521-1573) as soon as possible.  We will ensure his/her safety until you arrive.  It is required that parents/guardians who are picking up children personally sign out with a counselor.  This is a serious safety concern for us and we appreciate your assistance.  (Reminder-please park across the street at the pool.  Please do not park your car in the front of the rink for the safety of all campers leaving the building.  We will never let a child run to a car in the parking lot, whether it is his/her car or not.  Thank your for your cooperation.)

If your child is ill, please do not send them to camp.  Remember this is an outdoor program and there is no place for a sick child to lie down.  They will recover more quickly at home and will enjoy the camp more upon their return.  If your child is ill and cannot attend for the day, please notify us as soon as possible.  To report a sick child, please call the skating rink office at 860-521-1573 after 8:30 am.

All athletic equipment will be supplied by the camp.  If a child has their own skates, they may bring them to camp.  They will be kept at the rink until the end of the day with their other belongings.  Campers must bring their own bathing suits, bathing caps and towels clearly labeled with their name.

Each camper will be given a wristband to identify them as part of the Buena Vista Camp.  The campers will be divided into separate groups by grade level and will rotate activities throughout the day.  Their wristband will be color-coded by group.  Also, a wristband will be attached to your child's backpack.  Please keep this wristband on the pack for the duration of camp.

FIELD TRIPS (Afternoon Camp does not include field trips)
Each week we will be going on a field trip.  Field trips will be announced in advance (check website) and will usually take pleace on the Wednesday of each week during the morning (Wednesday and Friday for Sports Adventure Camp).  Each child should wear their BV Camp t-shirt on field trip days (this will usually be given out the norning of the trip to prevent lost shirts, however, participants who have attended camp for more than one week must remember to wear the one they have already received).  Just as a reminder, if you do not wish for your child to attend the trip, you will need to make alternate arrangements for him or her on that day.

If you have any questions, please contact the skating rink office at 860-521-1573, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm.

We thank you for choosing the Buena Vista Camp and look forward to a great summer!

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