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Learn to Skate

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The Rink's Learn to Skate program is dedicated to providing quality instruction.  The development of strong fundamental skills will make ice skating fun for the recreational skater and prepares serious skaters for future figure skating and hockey. Classes meet once a week but eager students may register for more than one class at a time.

The Program Supervisor and instructors keep a close eye on and record the progress of each student, to ensure the best possible results. At the end of the class cycle each participant receives a Certificate of Achievement outlining all the skills they have accomplished successfully.

Register for VMSR Learn to Skate lessons and receive 10% off your new skate purchase in the RinkSide Pro Shop. Present registration receipt to pro shop to receive your discount.

If you choose to rent skates for Learn to Skate lessons, VMSR offers a skate rental discount card.  Pay $30 for 10 rentals - $1 discount for each rental!

          Winter Session 4 Schedule   CANCELLED

CHILD Rank Beginner (4-6 years)
Rank Beginner (7 years and up)
Mobile Skater
Advanced Beginner
FIGURE Child Advanced Basic Dance, Freestyle and Figure Skating Advanced Moves JR1, JR2
SR1, SR2
ADULT Separate Groups of Beginners, Mobile, Advanced Beginners and Advanced Basic Dance and Freestyle ADULTS
HOCKEY  LEARN TO SKATE For beginner skaters ages 4-8. Basic skating to prepare for youth hockey programs. Must wear hockey skates, hockey gloves and USA Hockey approved hockey helmet and full face mask. H-LTS
HOCKEY SKILLS Basic skating, stick handling, controlled scrimmages and game skills for ages 6-15. Must be mobile skaters. Full equipment with USA Hockey approved helmet and full face mask is mandatory. HOCKEY


  • Classes will be cancelled when West Hartford Public Schools are cancelled/dismissed early due to weather.
  • There are no make ups for missed classes.
  • Registration is only accepted into the third week of a cycle. 
  • Registration fees include all costs except skate rental.
  • All fees are non refundable.


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