Screenwriters Group History

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Short History of the Screenwriters Group:

The first meeting of the screenwriters group was held in Webster Hall of the West Hartford Public Library on the evening of April 28, 2004. We know this because, thankfully, Steve Olechna, a founding member of the group, recorded the meeting minutes. Denning Powell later became our indefatigable scribe for over five years, and others followed.

The group formed from the 30 people who participated in three day-long screenwriting workshops given at the library on the last Saturday in January, February, and March 2004. The workshops were funded by the Friends of the Library, and the instructor was Scott Anderson, an accomplished screenwriter and lead instructor at the well-known Harvard Square Script Writers in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The workshops were an unmitigated success. This led to the formation of a permanent screenwriters' group--originally West Hartford Screenwriters, and now called Connecticut Screenwriters--which meets on a monthly basis at the West Hartford Public Library, 20 South Main Street, West Hartford, Connecticut.

Founding Members of the West Hartford Screenwriters (listed alphabetically):
  • Scott Anderson
  • Jed Backus 
  • Joseph Cadieux
  • Liz Cipollina
  • Peter Considine
  • Jacque Devlin
  • Cindy Drozd
  • Don Hope
  • Mark Miller
  • Tom Murphy
  • June Neal
  • Tessa O'Sullivan
  • Steve Olechna
  • Denning Powell